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For those that don’t know, Fungisil changed it’s name to Funginix.

It is really the exact same nail fungus treatment and you will notice that the bottle even looks the same. Really the one only thing that has changed was the last three letters of the name.

The official launch of the new named product is scheduled for May 1 2010 but is available from the official website for Fungisil. You will notice the website name has already changed to Funginix. You could buy Fungisil in Canada, and you can buy Funginix in Canada and the United States, and just like before it ships from the USA with no customs fees or duty.

With a the most sophisticated and complete topical treatment on the market Funginix is the only nail fungus treatment that has undergone extensive testing to verify that the anti-fungal agents will scientifically prove that they will stop nail fungus. Just like Fungisil, FUNGINIX contains the unique combination of proven anti-fungal blend of natural minerals and that focus on both toenail fungus and fingernail fungus. It will is specifically engineered to attack the nail fungus under the nail where it grows between the nail bed and the nail.

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funginix for nail fungus

There are a few good reason why Funginix is still the best nail fungus treatment option and one of the reasons is the fact that I used it myself and it was already eliminating my fungus nail infection within 2 months.

If it doesn’t start working by then, you can get your money back, because they offer all customers a no-questions-asked, 60-day guarantee. If for any reason, you don’t think that FUNGINIX is performing in the way it is promised to, just return your product within 60 days for a full refund. I didn’t need to use it and neither will you.

One of the other reasons I chose it was because I felt it was better then the lamasil cream that most people use due to the fact that it takes way less time to work.

Most of the clients I spoke to reported that the lamasil cream was messy because it doesn’t soak in right away and it took the over 7 months to see results. Of course I asked them why they waited so long to see results and why they did switch products?

They told me that they wanted to stick with one product which is fine if you want to wait six or seven months.

What I did to speed up the process was cut away as much of the nail as possible first then I applied the Funginix directly on the top of the cutaway toenail. In under 2 months I started to notice that the toenail was pushing the now dead nail fungus out with the growth of the nail. As my nail grew out further and further so did the fungus until it was completely gone.


This worked for me and it can work for you too and if it doesn’t get your money back after 60 days what do you have to lose? Nothing but the nail fungus.



Fungisil Nail Fungus Treatment Review

Fungisil Canada FUNGISIL claims they have the most advanced topical treatment created to fight and eliminate infection fungus of the finger and toe areas including regions under and around the toenails. If this is accurate the why isn’t it available in Canada? We after we reviewed just how effective Fungisil is, we offer it in Canada from Toe Nail

Most nail fungus treatments are all in the USA and Canada has to settle for Walmarts selection. Now that Canada can get fungisil let us tell you why this so important for people with nail fungus.

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Why Use Fungisil

Stats show that over 43 million North Americans Canada and USA have some degree of nail fungus or have had issues with nail health.  Fungus in the nail a condition that a people contract in a variety of different ways and the correct treatment is often difficult to find without using prescription treatments that have side effects. How unattractive is toenail fungus? the answer is “VERY!” It’s embarrassing and it’s normal to feel self-conscious about showing your feet in public. When the nails yellow it becomes a flashing beacon when you remove your socks in public and once the infection fungus starts to grow the nail can become deformed.

Most topical nail fungus treatments are often simply a combination of weak elements that claim to help battle fungus. The unique scientific combination of proven anti-fungal agents, natural fungus-fighting oils and soothing herbal extracts makes FUNGISIL the most effective topical solution on the market in the USA and now in Canada.

Fungisil Is Doctor Recommenced

Recommended toe nail fungus treatmentFUNGISIL is doctor recommend as the only topical treatment that has undergone extensive testing to verify that the blend of anti-fungal agents and extracts kills fungus. They recommend that you compare the testing and procedures of FUNGISIL to that of any topical anti-fungal product when looking for solutions to toenail fungus. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked return policy.

Click here to begin your journey to beautiful and fungus-free nails! The process starts with FUNGISIL.


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